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AFRICA @HKU is a series of events hosted by the African Studies Programme. It will be organized in collaboration with other programmes of the School of Modern Languages and Cultures; specialized university Units (CEDARS/GEU) and external partners such as African consulates or businesses based in Hong Kong.

31 Mar. 2015 Africa @HKU – Ethiopia Today
28 Oct. - 6 Nov. 2014 Africa @HKU – Angola Today

22 Sep. 2021 Talk: ETHIOPIA: QUO VADIS?
23 Sep. 2020 Talk: Moi, Mau Mau, and the Problem of Ethnological Reason
18 Sep. 2020 Talk: Africa in Broader Perspective : Interdisciplinary and Interregional Enquiries
16 Sep. 2020 Talk: Jihad from Below: a Social History of Muslim Expansion in West Africa (15th-19th centuries)
16 Sep. 2020 Talk: The Possibilities of Archival Thinking
15 Sep. 2020 Talk: "(Un)thinking Chinese influence and urbanity in Southern Africa"
16 Apr. 2019 Talk: You have to name it to reclaim it
21 Nov. 2018 Film Screening and discussion: Vibrancy of Silence
21 Nov. 2018 SMLC Seminar: A Life Less Ordinary
20 Sep.2018 Talk: Anonymous Has a Name: African Master Carvers
10 Nov. 2017 素娜.祖巴特 示範講座 Sona Jobarteh Lecture Demonstration
1 Nov. 2017 Seminar: Africans in Asia 1500-1900
27 Oct. 2017 Panel Discussion: The Plurality of African Arts
12 May 2017 Documentary film + Round Table discussion: Ousmane Sow
30 Nov. 2016 Seminar: One Belt One Road and a Prosperous Africa (OBORPA)
27 Sep. 2016 Public Lecture: A Closer Look at Ethiopia: Visit of HKU Students
12-28 Sep. 2016 Mandela Exhibition
25 Jul. 2016 Educational Fieldtrip to Ethiopia 2016
19 May 2016 Seminar: Brokering China’s extroversion: Intermediaries in the Sino-African transborder trade
21 Mar. 2016 Movie Screening followed by a Q & A session‬‬ - Timbuktu
17 Mar. 2016 Talk: Micro & SME Financing in Africa and in China: A French Approach
14 Mar. 2016 Talk: Transforming the Industrial Sector in Ethiopia: A path to sustainable Development
16 Feb. 2016 Interview: Dr. Tesfaye and Dr. Yakpo shared their insights about the Future of Africa in an interview hosted by Professor Douglas Kerr at Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK).
29 Jan. 2016 Seminar: The role of typological distance in second language acquisition of tones: the case of Swahili and Lingala learners of Norwegian
26 Jan. 2016 SMLC Newsletter 2015-2016 1st Issue
25 Jan. 2016 Panel discussion: The Rainbow Workplace, on the path to more women leading change
26 Nov. 2015 Movie Screening: China Remix
5 Nov. 2015 New books launch: Histories of Medicine and Healing in the Indian Ocean World, Volume 1 & Volume 2
30 Oct. 2015 Talk: Africa’s Premier Diva Angelique Kidjo @ HKU
1 Jun. 2015 Workshop: When Did They Decide? Understanding and Teaching the Development of the Final Solution
4 Mar. 2015 Talk: Will China Ever Have Its Own Barack Obama? Some Reflections on the African and Arab Diaspora in Guangzhou
3 Mar. 2015 Seminar: Frontline Experience in Fighting Ebola virus disease in West Africa
28 Jan. 2015 Seminar: Talking Genocides (Special roundtable discussion)
18 Dec. 2014 Talk: African Studies in the United States of America: Structure, Governance, and Funding Opportunities
11 Nov. 2014 Seminar: Non-Aligned Architecture: China's Designs on/in Ghana and Guinea, 1955-1992.
21 Mar. 2014 Talk: Disease, Medicine and Colonialism in Africa: Robert Koch's 1898 Medical Expedition in German East Africa.


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