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27 September 2016

Public Lecture:
A Closer Look at Ethiopia: Visit of HKU Students

Date: 27 Sep 2016
Time: 6:45pm - 8:15pm
Venue: KK101, KK Leung Building

Speaker(s): Leung Yik Fai, Eve (Student Representative)
Ho Ka Sing, Kevin (Student Representative)
Dr. Facil Tesfaye (Programme Director, African Studies Programme, HKU)
Miss Li Melody Sin Yee (Teaching Assistant, African Studies Programme, HKU)

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Summary: Nineteen HKU students and professors from African Studies Programme and Department of Linguistics conducted an educational field trip to Ethiopia in May to gain first-hand experience and carry out empirical investigations on various issues. Their journey of exploration included the linguistic diversity, language policy, politics, music, culture, and history of Ethiopia. With a wide range of interesting activities, the trip enabled the students to have a better understanding of Ethiopia, and gave an introduction of contemporary Africa, which is dynamic but full of challenges.

In this sharing session, student representatives will present their observations and research findings.

Webpage of the Field Trip:

Online registration (starts at 10:00 on 8/9 (Thu)):
For HKU students and staff:
For public:

Co-organiser: African Studies Programme, HKU

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