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The African Studies Programme at the University of Hong Kong offers a Bachelor of Arts Minor in African Studies, through which students can explore Africa as a study area from interdisciplinary perspectives.

Minor (36 credits)
To obtain a Minor in African Studies, students are required to take the prerequisite course AFRI1001 “Foundations in African Studies”, 12 credits from core courses, and 18 credits from the interdisciplinary elective courses listed below, totaling 36 credits.

A minor in African Studies consists of the following components:

• Prerequisite course (6 credits):
AFRI1001. Foundations in African Studies

• Core courses (12 credits):
Select two courses from the list below.
AFRI2011. Kiswahili I (6 credits)
AFRI2012. African soundscapes: Music and society in Africa (6 credits)
AFRI3002. Africa studies workshop (6 credits)

• Interdisciplinary elective courses (18 credits)
3 courses selected from the list below.

BA Syllabus 2020-2021

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