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BA Courses

AFRI1001 Foundations in African studies 6 credits
AFRI2007 African Nobel Laureates in literature 6 credits
AFRI2010 Introducing contemporary African literatures 6 credits
AFRI2011 Kiswahili I 6 credits
AFRI2012 African soundscapes: Music and society in Africa 6 credits
AFRI2014 African linguistics 6 credits
AFRI2018 African Art(s) 6 credits
AFRI2019 African cinema: “Film’in” Africa 6 credits
AFRI3002 Africa studies workshop 6 credits
AFRI3003 Kiswahili II 6 credits
AFRI3005 Africa-China relations 6 credits
AFRI3006 Representations of Blackness in Asia 6 credits
AFRI3007 African art(s): Articulating and performing human experiences 6 credits
AFRI3008 African arts in museums: Collecting and exhibiting "Africa" 6 credits
AFRI4001 Field trip to an African country 6 credits
AFRI4002 Readings in African Studies 6 credits




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