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African Studies  

Welcome to the African Studies Programme at The University of Hong Kong. We are an interdisciplinary area studies programme offering various courses for undergraduate students. Our courses approach the African continent through its complex history, literature and music.

In recent years, the relationship between the African continent and China experienced dramatic changes that translated into frequent visits of top Chinese political leaders to various African countries; an exponential increase of Chinese investment in the continent and in the extension of impressive loans to African states. The University of Hong Kong has recognized this shift in momentum and has taken on the task of providing a pool of academically-trained and culturally sensitized students.

The African Studies Programme is the only field of study in Hong Kong and southern China that offers interdisciplinary courses dealing with the mostly unknown but complex realities of Africa. The programme is situated within the faculty of Arts, but it is also open to students from other faculties.

The African Studies Programme is ideal for students whose interest in Africa goes beyond disciplinary divides. Although we are only offering a Bachelor of Arts minor in African Studies at the moment, plans are currently underway to develop this unique programme into a major by introducing a wide range of exciting new courses.

Africa at Hong-Kong U! by Philippe Dova, Trait d’union

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News & Events

23 September 2020 (Wednesday)

Talk: Moi, Mau Mau, and the Problem of Ethnological Reason

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